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This is what everyone wants. Grab 14.87 billion yuan from ▓the fund for providing continuing aid to

residents relo▓cated to m

profits from the sale of lottery tickets to support social welfare programs, sports, education and other public service programs, and 68.287 billion yuan from operations of the central government f▓oreign exchange fund. Added to the 46.489 bi

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llion yuan in subsidies for local governments from the fund for providing continuing aid to residents relocated to make way for the construction of large and medium-sized reservoirs and the▓ 56.392 billion yuan rolled over into this year, tota

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tion of large and medium-sized

l expenditures amounted to 308▓.553 billion yuan. Revenue from funds controlled by local governments reached 1.311069 trillion yuan, up 34.5%. This huge increase was mainly the result of the incorpora▓tion of all the income from the transfer of land-use rights into local budgets. Total revenue includes 1.037528 trillion yuan from the transfer of land-u

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se rights and compensation for the use of new land for construction and 1▓18.488 billion yuan from road maintenance fees. Total expenditures by local governments taken from the funds they control increased by 49.9% to reach 1.292798 trillion yuan. This figure includes 1.01725 trillion yua

billion yuan from operations of

n in land-related expenditures which consists of 377.815 billion yuan as compensation for land requisition, housing demolition and ▓resident relocation and subsidy grants to farmers for land e▓xpropriations, a large increase of 113% primarily att

ng; 36.988 billion yuan for developing rural infrastru▓cture and developing and protecting primary farmland; 303.532 billion yuan for pr

venue came to 308.553 billion yuan. Expenditures by ▓the central government from funds under its control totaled 205.67
2 bill▓ion yu an, an increase of 94. 5%. This includes 20.456 b▓illion yua n from the fun d for developing the Three Gorges Project, 6 2.1 billion yuan from the fund for devel oping railways, 5.313 billio n yua▓n from civili an airport administrat ion and deve lopment fees , 10.185 billion yuan from port developmen t fees, 20.547 b illion yuan ta ken from 纳雍县wap 洮南市5G 红安县5G 顺义区wap 龙游县5G 汪清县5G 监利县5G 平昌县5G 柳林县wap 团风县wap 卢龙县wap 阳西县5G 洪江市5G 江源县wap 会昌县5G 织金县wap 普陀区wap 乳源瑶族自治县wap 金乡县wap 射阳县5G 传奇私服技能栏补丁 传奇私服挂机刷元宝 传奇私服sf123 传奇私服手游版本 铭文传奇私服贴吧 传奇私服架设教程自己玩单机 东北网通轻便传奇私服 新开传奇私服网站999k 单机传奇私服手游 传传奇私服网站发布网